Reviews From Parents 

Ann always looks forward to every ballet class, and she enjoyed the company of teacher Susan and her friends. What’s amazing is the confidence she developed within a short span of 5 months and was able to deliver a simple butterfly ballet recital. Thumbs up for the school! 
- Stephanie, Mom of Ann from Pre-School 2021 - 

Mrs Cheong is very experienced and professional. She knows how to cater the lessons according to the students’ age group and level. I feel like my daughter gets to learn the right foundation of ballet and appreciate this dance.
- Eugenia, Mom of Shuen from Pre-Primary 2021 - 

Mrs Cheong is a very dedicated teacher who takes pride in her work. Her passion for Ballet and years of teaching experience ensures that my daughter is in good hands.
- Jess, Mom of Darleen from Grade 1 2021 - 

It has been a pleasure for Liv to have found Mrs Cheong since Primary One. It all started as part of the ballet CCA! As a parent, I do feel the dedication that FORMS Ballet puts in to ensure the girls have had enough practice to pass exams and to be better dancers. During this difficult time since covid started, despite restrictions they have persevered. Mrs Cheong has been guiding Liv and other students through this dance journey with much love, patience and encouragement. Thank you!
- Summer, Mom of Liv from Grade 7 2021 - 
Reviews from Students 

- Hannah from Grade 6 2021 - 
I have been in FORMS Ballet since Primary 1 and I have made new close friends and have kept my interest in ballet alive until now. Mrs Cheong is a great teacher who encourages and teaches us well, helping me improve in ballet tremendously throughout these years.

- Georgia from Intermediate and Discovering Repertoire 2 2021 - 
Being a student for more than 10 years, I am proud to say that I have been enriched by the lessons which they offer in ballet school. With a passionate teacher who is patient yet firm, my learning experience and love for ballet always grows stronger. 

- Cheryl from Advanced 2 and Discovering Repertoire 4 2021 -
I absolutely love the environment at Forms Ballet. I am always in awe of Mrs Cheong's patience and understanding. Her pedagogical approaches and tips are indeed very helpful and useful and I'm inspired to adopt her approaches to be a teacher like her.
Reviews from Websites 

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