Overview of Grades

We offer a Classical Ballet Programme with the Royal Academy of Dance with levels ranging from Pre-School level (3 years+), to 8 Graded and 5 Vocational levels, as well as the full Discovering Repertoire Syllabus. We also have classes for Pre-School (3-4 years old) as well as Beginner Adult Ballet! Contact us at +65 9737 2317 or formsballet.sarkies@gmail.com for more details on a specific grade/level.

Join the Pre-School @ FORMS Ballet for an introduction of music and ballet movements for a fun and creative dance experience.

Our Pre-Primary classes are designed to teach children the basics of ballet and help them to develop co-ordination and good posture.

The primary level will allow children to explore more about the basics they have learnt in Pre-Primary.

Grade 1
The Grade 1 level is a more structured class that introduces the disciplines of classical ballet in a safe build up of technique incorporating different styles leading to the higher grades.

Grade 2-8
Grade 2 – 8 is a progressive build up of ballet technique and also includes Free Movement and Character Dances.

Vocational Grades (Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1, Advanced 2)
The Vocational Grades provide an in-depth study of ballet and prepare students for a career in dance (age 11+). Vocational syllabus includes progressive levels of pointe work.

Discovering Repertoire 2,3,4
Discovering Repertoire is a classical ballet performance programme by RAD which includes well-known classical repertoire, where students will learn and dance choreography that they have seen on stage, set to music that they know and love.

Adult Beginner Class
Learn the principles of Classical Ballet, appreciate Classical Ballet music and meet new friends who share the same passion for ballet!

Discovering Repertoire